Dog Chiropractor in Northumberland

Dog Chiropractor in Northumberland

In the late 1950s John McTimoney adapted his human Chiropractic technique to suit dogs and other animals. This proved to be extremely successful.

The technique is similar to that used in human manipulation and the adjustments are light and swift causing the animal little discomfort. In most cases the dogs accept the manipulation willingly and in some cases even enjoy it.

McTimoney chiropractic is most commonly used by owners of greyhounds, show dogs, agility dogs, and tracking dogs as well as pets.


The most common symptoms that may be helped are:-

  • Lameness
  • In coordination
  • Wobblers syndrome
  • Greyhounds not trapping
  • Agility dogs finding jumping difficult
  • Some cases of paralysis

In all cases your veterinary surgeon's permission should be obtained before receiving chiropractic manipulation.